We have no time we only have our faith we must stand together, I’m starting to shake
a man with a big hat is trying to push me away I know that river is gonna be my jail…”

– The Boat –

The Story so far…

Panos Birbas is a professional songwriter, arranger and music producer, born in Athens in 1983.
At the age of 8 he started guitar, piano and music theory lessons.
He has been a member of many different music bands in Greece and abroad and he has participated in several significant music festivals.
In 2013 he releases his first personal lp under the title “Mournful” (FM records) and in 2015 the single “Lullaby”.
In 2017 he releases his second personal LP under the title “Finchley road” (Violins productions), which meets great acceptance. In 2020 he releases the single “City streets” as well as an acoustic version of “Dead bones” and in 2021 the single “Pull me out”.
Since 2015 he has been the frontman of Dustbowl and together they have performed live as an opening act for Dream Syndicate, Mark Lanegan, etc. In 2016 they release their LP “The Great Fandango” and in 2019 the LP “The story of Mr. Dandy Gasoline”.
In 2020, Dustbowl release their single “Here comes Warren Oates” and in 2021 they participate in a collection with many exceptional artists (Calexico, Steve Wynn, Chris Eckman, Earthquake Serfers and others) of the LP “Songs from the fans” for Chris Cacavas 60th birthday with a version of the song “better days” produced by Panos Birbas.